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We Are Moving!

Devine Chiropractic and Rehab Center will open in our new location at 104 Pike Street, Suite 210, next Monday, July 5th.  We are located on top of Starbucks, and across from Target.  We can’t wait to welcome you to our new home and show you around!  moving


Technology Could be Causing Your Insomnia

blue light

Are you having a hard time falling asleep? For most people, an adequate amount of sleep is about 7 hours a night. Inadequate sleep puts you at a greater risk for a number of diseases and health problems, including a lack of concentration and impaired judgement, accelerated aging, cardiac problems including heart disease, heart failure, high blood pressure and stroke, as well as increased risk for diabetes, depression, and weight gain.

An often overlooked cause of insomnia and other sleep-realted problems is exposure to blue light from the display of your iPad, computer, laptop, or cell phone before going to bed. When blue light hits your retina, a signal is sent to your hypothalamus and melatonin production (a chemical in your brain that causes you to fall asleep) is turned off for several hours, disrupting your natural circadian (sleep/wake) rhythm.

Using f.lux , a free utility that adjusts the glow of your technology screens will reduce your exposure to blue light. f.lux doesn’t just control brightness like newer laptops do, it controls color temperature based on the time of day, dimming your monitors later into the evening and tinting the screen color based on the kind of lighting you use, which can help you sleep better.

If you’re having difficulty falling asleep after spending time on your computer, cell phone or other blue-light emitting device, I encourage you to try using f.lux, as high-quality sleep is critical to your health and quality of life.

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Chiropractic; a bodybuilder’s secret weapon!

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Babies and kids love chiropractic!

What about kids and chiropractic?   Are adjustments safe for children?  Absolutely!  A light pressure is usually all that is needed to adjust a child’s spine. Kids love to be adjusted and there are many reasons why they should be:

The first stress placed on a child’s spine is from the birthing process.  And did you know that 26% of school-age children report  a history of back pain?  A child’s spine is  subjected to repeated trauma as they  learn to walk, suffer sports injuries, and postural strains from bending over a keyboard or video game controller.  Texting is increasingly to blame for the number of kids developing postural problems that contribute to headaches and back pain.  Many adults that come to my office show evidence of childhood injuries to their spine that are contributing to their pain today.  Because  26% of school-age children report  a history of back pain it is important to have your child’s spine checked regularly for any signs of spinal imbalances or misalignments.

Chiropractic has positive results in treating common childhood maladies like colic, headaches, ear infections, scoliosis, and asthma and some behavioral problems have been successfully treated with chiropractic care.  A recent study showed that children under chiropractic care suffered fewer ear infections than those whose parents sought medical care alone.

A light pressure is all that is needed to adjust a child’s spine, so the next time you come to our office, bring your kids.

Check out this video to see Dr. Devine adjusting patient Abe, age 3.


Dr. Devine adjusts 3-year-old Abe.




Devine Chiropractic endorses I-522, labeling genetically modified foods.

Filed by Julia Devine, age 13.


“I am not a science experiment!”  That was the message I took to Proctor farmer’s market on Saturday as I collected signatures to get I-522 on the ballot next November.  I-522 would require labeling of GMO products.  A similar measure, Prop 37 is on this November’s ballot in California.  If prop 37 passes, and it is expected to, California will be the first state to require labeling of GMO’s.  50 countries, including the EU (European Union) already require genetically-modified ingredients to be labeled, but the US has lagged behind….until now.abe There was overwhelming support for I-522 at the farmer’s market.  Most people knew what GMO’s were and were eager to sign my petition.  I had the opportunity to share my concerns and also hear what other people thought.

One lady who came up to me owns a small business that bakes gluten-free products.  She wanted her products to be non-gmo certified.    Currently there is only one organization that certifies GMO-free.  It is called the “non GMO project” and if you pass their tests, your company can display the  “non-GMO project” sticker.  This lady applied for certification and had to wait six weeks for a reply.  Because she has 10 products, it would cost her $3000 a year to have certification and she wasn’t able to afford that, so she does not currently have the non-GMO sticker.  Even though passage of this law will require her business to pay to be certified, she happily signed the petition.  She hopes that when more businesses want to be certified, the price will come down.

The vendor who was selling organic honey products was very eager to sign the petition. GMO’s are being blamed for honeybee colonies collapsing.  So many honey bees have died recently that there is a lot to worry about.  Honebees are very important pollinators.  If GMO causes honeybees to die (because gmo’s produce their own insecticide) then crops will not be pollinated and this may lead to a severe food shortage.

A lot of people thanked me for coming to the farmer’s market to collect signatures.  A lot of the people came up to me when they saw what I was doing.  They were surprised that I came on my own and not for a school assignment.  An organic farmer gave me a Chinese pear as a way of saying thanks.  Of all the people I asked, only three people declined to sign my petition.



Rounded Shoulders are the Trend

Posted By Student Intern Jayson Yaplee

Does the pink profile look familiar?  With more people spending countless hours in front of a computer, the number of people sporting the rounded shoulder look is becoming more common.  If pink is not your goal and blue is the true you, here are a couple tips:


Perform door stretches.  To get a deeper stretch imitate the picture above but instead lunge forward with the leg farthest from the wall and turn your body away from the wall.  Hold these stretches for 10-20 seconds and repeat.


Strengthen your rhomboids.  With your back straight squeeze your shoulder blades together and hold for 5-10 seconds and repeat.  You can also use resistance bands to perform rows. Try doing 2 sets of 10 to start.  If you can do more great!


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A quick tip to stay hydrated and fight postural stress at work

Created by Student Intern Jayson Yaplee

Many of us drink water throughout our workday because we understand the important role it plays in our health and wellness.  Staying hydrated helps with things such as proper brain, heart, and kidney function.  We also feel the effects of sitting at our computers for extended periods of time.  The aching and tightness that we feel is due to postural stress.  An easy way to fight postural stress is to take mini breaks from our computers and walk around.  Instead of using a travel mug or sports bottle, try using a smaller cup so you will need to get up and refill your glass more often.  It is a small change but the benefits can be great!


Chiropractic Adjustments and Pain

Posted By Chiropractic Intern Jayson Yaplee

Nociceptors and mechanoreceptors are scattered throughout the human body.  When nociceptors are stimulated it allows for the concious awareness of pain.  Mechanoreceptors are stimulated by movement and have been shown to inhibit the activity of nociceptors, and therefore pain.  The chiropractic adjustment at its most basic level improves the mobility and function of joints.  It allows the body move optimally and reduce pain.  Stay active, see your chiropractor regularly, get adjusted, and live without pain.

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Are You Suffering from an Autoimmune Disorder? My Journey Back to Health

I’ve been exceptionally healthy for most of my life. I’ve rarely gone a day without exercising.  I get regular chiropractic adjustments, read labels, choose my food wisely, prepare most of my meals at home, and keep myself physically fit.

Still, two years ago I had some serious health problems that turned my life upside down.   I was diagnosed with PRP, is an autoimmune disorder, with no known cause and no known cure. PRP is a rare skin disease characterized by scaly lesions over my entire body and thickening of the palms of my hands and soles of my feet.  The thick skin on my feet and hands (they resembled shoe leather) made them so stiff that I could hardly move them. On the rest of my body, the skin was paper-thin and it literally all flaked off on a daily basis.  I was shedding so much skin that my home and office resembled a snow storm.  My energy was totally depleted, severely limiting my ability to live life normally.  Living with the day-to-day limitations of chronic illness was overwhelming and depressing.

In most patients, PRP burns itself out after 3-7 years.   Medical doctors treat the disease by attempting (usually without success) to suppress the symptoms with steroids, which have dangerous side-effects.

My solution? I walked away from conventional medicine after two months–no more follow-up appointments, no more tests. I knew this health issue was brought on by stressful events in my life over the last year and that it was largely up to me to manage it.

I sought the help of Rosita Arvigo, a naprapathic physician, herbalist, international lecturer, author and teacher of Maya medicine. Rosita’s husband, Dr. Gregory Shropshire, dismissed the autoimmune supposition altogether and treated me with Flower Essences (herbal infusions made from plants). A dramatic improvement in my condition began almost immediately and I was able to go from barely being able to walk at all to going on a two-mile bike ride within two weeks after beginning Dr. Gregory’s regimen.

I’m not saying that this type of treatment is right for everyone. We all need to decide on the course that’s right for us, and different circumstances might dictate very different actions. There are times when we need to pursue the tests and stay the course, as is the case with cancer. For me, this was the right choice.

And the silver lining? This experience has changed my life. I’m focused on happiness instead of letting stress get to me. I’m slowing down. I’ve renewed a cherished friendship and have nurtured new friendships that I hope will continue to grow. I’ve discovered that my remarkable family, staff and patients will be there for me when the chips are down.  I’ve recognized which relationships were superficial. Not a bad silver lining. In fact, this may have been the best thing that’s happened to me in a long time!

My heart and thoughts go out to others who are dealing with life-changing medical challenges. I know what you’re feeling. All we can do is take charge of our own lives, be proactive and refuse to let it get the best of us!


Derrick Rose Attributes Return to Basketball Court to Chiropractic


Derick Rose is one of the many athletes who utilize regular chiropractic care to stay at the top of their sport. It is no coincidence that the finest athletes in the world choose chiropractic. They know something that many others still don’t… chiropractic works!