Why I Love Coming To Work Every Day

Last Friday night I adjusted a 12-year-old who had just been diagnosed with scoliosis.   When my wife called the next day to check on how my patient was feeling after her first adjustment, her mother reported that on the way home, her daughter said “so this is what it is like to feel comfortable.”

I know for sure that I have the best job in the world… I get to help people smile more, laugh more, experience more and have more fun, all by helping them regain their health.  I made a very special little girl feel comfortable.   I love being a chiropractor, because I get to see miracles happen every day!

There is no such thing as someone who is too young or too old for chiropractic care.  I tailor my treatment methods for each patient, so that whether I am taking care of a newborn,  an arthritic 85-year or a college football player, each patient is getting the most effective care.  Children, like this 12-year-old,  often have the most to gain.

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