Are You Suffering from an Autoimmune Disorder? My Journey Back to Health

I’ve been exceptionally healthy for most of my life. I’ve rarely gone a day without exercising.  I get regular chiropractic adjustments, read labels, choose my food wisely, prepare most of my meals at home, and keep myself physically fit.

Still, two years ago I had some serious health problems that turned my life upside down.   I was diagnosed with PRP, is an autoimmune disorder, with no known cause and no known cure. PRP is a rare skin disease characterized by scaly lesions over my entire body and thickening of the palms of my hands and soles of my feet.  The thick skin on my feet and hands (they resembled shoe leather) made them so stiff that I could hardly move them. On the rest of my body, the skin was paper-thin and it literally all flaked off on a daily basis.  I was shedding so much skin that my home and office resembled a snow storm.  My energy was totally depleted, severely limiting my ability to live life normally.  Living with the day-to-day limitations of chronic illness was overwhelming and depressing.

In most patients, PRP burns itself out after 3-7 years.   Medical doctors treat the disease by attempting (usually without success) to suppress the symptoms with steroids, which have dangerous side-effects.

My solution? I walked away from conventional medicine after two months–no more follow-up appointments, no more tests. I knew this health issue was brought on by stressful events in my life over the last year and that it was largely up to me to manage it.

I sought the help of Rosita Arvigo, a naprapathic physician, herbalist, international lecturer, author and teacher of Maya medicine. Rosita’s husband, Dr. Gregory Shropshire, dismissed the autoimmune supposition altogether and treated me with Flower Essences (herbal infusions made from plants). A dramatic improvement in my condition began almost immediately and I was able to go from barely being able to walk at all to going on a two-mile bike ride within two weeks after beginning Dr. Gregory’s regimen.

I’m not saying that this type of treatment is right for everyone. We all need to decide on the course that’s right for us, and different circumstances might dictate very different actions. There are times when we need to pursue the tests and stay the course, as is the case with cancer. For me, this was the right choice.

And the silver lining? This experience has changed my life. I’m focused on happiness instead of letting stress get to me. I’m slowing down. I’ve renewed a cherished friendship and have nurtured new friendships that I hope will continue to grow. I’ve discovered that my remarkable family, staff and patients will be there for me when the chips are down.  I’ve recognized which relationships were superficial. Not a bad silver lining. In fact, this may have been the best thing that’s happened to me in a long time!

My heart and thoughts go out to others who are dealing with life-changing medical challenges. I know what you’re feeling. All we can do is take charge of our own lives, be proactive and refuse to let it get the best of us!

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