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My first chiropractic post and I’m talking about ballroom dancing?!?

The only thing I am more passionate about than chiropractic is my relationships, especially those with my family.  First let me say, I love being a husband and a father.  Secondly, I had no idea going into fatherhood (29 years ago now!) that I would ever be excited about ballroom dancing.  But my youngest daughter, and my only child still at home, changed all of that.

Julia and her new partner of only 5 weeks, Nathan, placed 2nd in the Latin division and 3rd in the Junior High Standard division at last week’s US National Dancesport Competition inProvo,Utah.  To get comfortable dancing with a new partner and learn all new routines in such a short amount of time, Julia had to dance almost non-stop in the weeks leading up to the competition.

But What Does Ballroom Dancing Have to do With Chiropractic?

It seems to me that most of the public doesn’t know that a huge number of professional athletes, including dancers, use chiropractic for a whole host of reasons:

  • injury prevention
  • faster recovery from injury
  • better sports performance
  • better health generally
  • preventing arthritis – there’s a lot of reasons.

Lastly, chiropractic optimizes PERFORMANCE. Chiropractors understand how muscles work and can restore balance and skeletal alignment to allow your body to perform with maximum efficiency.

My treatment for Julia and other athletes often includes:

  • Spinal and extremity adjustments
  • Graston Technique soft-tissue treatments
  • Kinesio taping
  • Training or technique advice
  • Diet and supplement advice
  • Movement modification
  • Rehabilitation (including flexibility, stability, proprioceptive, and eccentric exercises)

The results of being well-adjusted speak for themselves!

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